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Archive: May, 2010

Healthcare can be painful, at least this week

The lower house of congress in the US has just approved the Healthcare Bill that the senate had approved recently. This has not been priced into the market with a very high probability, at least not with this timing. Futures (that trade overnight) is showing the S&P500 at -0.8%. The negative interpretation markets seem to read more

Martin Anidjar | May 22, 2010

The euro is the wrong barometer

When we wrote “The euro is naked” on February 11 we were certainly bearish, but did not expect the euro to dictate all markets behavior even at high frequency. Watching the markets these days, it is fairly clear that the FX rate EUR/USD has become the barometer for the success of the euro bailout. We read more

Martin Anidjar | May 18, 2010

Euro reform or German Spa?

A week ago we said that Europe would pay dearly any policy mistake, but we did not think it would be so much so soon… The size of the potential financial package known yesterday exceeds most expectations, which is the reason of its success. In terms of the ‘theory of crisis management’ it is a read more

Martin Anidjar | May 11, 2010

European policies favor the US

Markets appear to have already decided the recent package for Greece does not work and is not credible. It is not very rigorous to infer much from a couple of trading days, but the magnitude of the market movement together with the debate on the matter let us infer its failure. The package does not read more

Martin Anidjar | May 05, 2010

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