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Archive: October, 2010

Brave new rebalancing(s)

We are at an interesting junction in the markets, with this non-trivial rally in front of significant uncertainties around the world: elections in the US next week as well as very relevant announcements expected from the Fed, while global rebalancing is being ‘designed’, the EU discussing major institutional reform and the developing world continues to read more

Martin Anidjar | October 28, 2010

Brazil: 2010 Elections and Beyond

A boring second round electoral process -as the victory of the ruling party candidate Dilma Roussef (PT) seemed certain- gained momentum last week when results of some polls became public.   Particularly, a poll by CENSUS showed an evident shrink of her advantage, with José Serra standing only 4 percentage points behind (see table). But the read more

Baffin Advisors | October 23, 2010

Compensation rules: performance versus fixed

The independence and incentives of an asset manager are key factors towards efficient and productive portfolios (from the clients’ point of view). The asset manager’s compensation rule is maybe the most important component of his incentive structure, and as such it has to be analyzed and designed rigorously. Transparency is a core value at Baffin read more

Baffin Advisors | October 22, 2010

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