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Archive: November, 2010

Europe 2014: Are we there yet?!

Last weekend Europe took a step towards fixing a key structural problem underlying the euro: a future debt restructuring mechanism for insolvent members. Far from perfect, but a very decent effort nonetheless. It sets the stage for what could be an orderly debt restructuring (potentially avoiding an actual default) of a country’s debt if deemed read more

Martin Anidjar | November 30, 2010

How do we get to the Spanish Dilemma?

This last bout of the euro crisis was to a large extent triggered by the debate on how to improve the EU institutions. It is paradoxical that the right conceptual issues can accelerate the crisis that originates from the euro fundamental institutional flaws, but it is what is happening. The Germans decided to openly discuss read more

Martin Anidjar | November 26, 2010

Currency wars, noise and substance

The current debate about currency wars, the G20 meeting, QE2 (quantitative easing by the US Fed), it all makes for great Op-ed opportunities and commentary. One relevant question we prefer to focus on is that of asset pricing implications (preferably in the medium-term) and how to position our portfolios accordingly. This note is not a read more

Martin Anidjar | November 12, 2010

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