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Archive: January, 2011

Egypt: Our first reaction

Last Friday’s events in the Middle East had significant effects in the global markets: the S&P dropped more than 1.5%, while the emerging markets indices fell between 2-3%. In this Sunday afternoon, we want to share with you where we stand before markets open tomorrow. The most relevant question is whether events will trigger a read more

Martin Anidjar | January 30, 2011

A critical moment for the euro

The EU leaders are most likely close to key decisions about the future of the euro. The financial rescue package announced during the Greek episode of the crisis last year was designed to buy time in order to work on solving the fundamental problems. That package was not enough to stop the crisis domino at read more

Martin Anidjar | January 21, 2011

2011: Some medium-term issues

The beginning of the year renders itself for rethinking medium-term issues, especially risks. As the ‘Market Views’ section of this site shows, we at Baffin Advisors revisit our views about the global economy and markets constantly. However, we used the beginning of the year to send a letter to our clients with an extensive review read more

Martin Anidjar | January 12, 2011

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