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Archive: March, 2011

Resilience through converging shocks

The convergence of shocks over the last 2-3 weeks is nothing short of impressive.  Some of the shocks are: the escalation of events in the Middle East (different but concerning, Libya and Bahrain), the potential juncture for the euro with a sequence of high level meetings while a new bailout is about to be needed read more

Martin Anidjar | March 24, 2011

Euro: 2 weeks of meetings can matter

Since the Financial Crisis we have highlighted the challenges ahead for G7 countries (fiscal and structural), and the natural result of currency depreciation and rebalancing vis-à-vis the up and coming group of strong currencies. Though the rate of EUR/USD has had sizable swings in the last 12 months, it is not far from where it read more

Martin Anidjar | March 09, 2011

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