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Archive: September, 2011

Cavalleria germanica

If it wasn’t so painful to watch and live through, the European movements towards a hopefully final rescue of the euro could be a modern opera[1]. Last weekend in Washington (annual IMF meetings), we could hear from senior EU and ECB officials about an idea to leverage the EFSF to bring ‘shock and awe’ with read more

Martin Anidjar | September 30, 2011

Trimming, not tacking

Over the last four weeks of market turmoil we have communicated with clients mostly via email and the monthly letter. Here is a brief summary of those communications (click on each for the full communication, though it is only in Spanish, emails from Aug 5th and Aug 9th, letter from Sept. 1st), with only a read more

Martin Anidjar | September 12, 2011

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