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Solid portfolios are the result of mapping a well-structured fundamental view of the world into asset allocation

We believe that good risk-adjusted returns are the result of well-structured portfolios, which respect a global medium-term view of key fundamental drivers. The internal logic and consistency of the analysis, combined with a thorough understanding of financial instruments and their execution is key to the objective. Our analytical framework is based on economic theory, as it applies to international economics and finance.

We constantly analyze global macro developments in order to question and elaborate our view of the world, regions, currencies, risks and opportunities. We constantly evaluate investment ideas on their own merits and how they could fit our broader views and portfolios. Short-term developments do matter, and could provide with opportunities, but our sight and objectives are in the medium-term.

We believe that the key to achieving good risk-adjusted returns is by taking advantage of investment opportunities throughout the world. We have a deep understanding of how to profit from a dynamic global macroeconomic environment.  Much of our academic and professional expertise has been focused on the emerging markets.

Asset allocation is the practice of investing in a mix of index, currencies, commodities, stocks, bonds and cash to manage risk and return. For some investors, a suitable asset allocation may be concentrated heavily in stocks while for others an allocation of only bonds and cash may be appropriate. Even investors with similar characteristics (age, time frame, tax, risk tolerance, etc.) may have different allocations because they have different situations and goals. We spend as much time with you as necessary to understand all of the factors that are relevant to determine your proper allocation and develop your customized investment strategy.

Selections for a portfolio’s assets allocation are driven by an investment’s contribution to a portfolio’s diversification, consistency in adhering to its specific investment objective, risks versus rewards, efficiency and costs.

Our proprietary portfolio management tools enable us to monitor closely your portfolio, rebalance it as market conditions warrant or adjust its orientation to reflect a change in your goals, financial situation or lifestyle. As a fiduciary, our investment philosophy and methodology are in harmony with your best interests.


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