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Managed Accounts

Asset allocation is the practice of investing in a mix of index, currencies, commodities, stocks, bonds and cash to manage risk and return. For some investors, a suitable asset allocation may be concentrated heavily in stocks while for others an allocation of only bonds and cash may be appropriate. In the Managed Accounts, the investor can express an investment bias toward a particular asset as long as it is consistent with our view of the world.

We have a bespoke personalized approach. We consider our clients’ whole financial situation, and approach portfolio design in an analytical and disciplined way. We seek excess returns through a dynamic asset allocation process that emphasizes diversification across asset classes, risk factors, market sectors and regions. We make sure we understand all of the factors that are relevant to determine your proper allocation and develop your customized investment strategy.

Managed Accounts also differ from Funds in terms of where the assets are held. In the Managed Accounts, the investor’s assets are held under her existing individual bank/trading account. So if an investor has a bank account under her name, Baffin Advisors will manage the portfolio out of that account.

In our experience, there is a minimum size target portfolio that allows the portfolio to be structured efficiently. We believe that size to be around USD 5 million.

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