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Our Company

Founded on three fundamental pillars: independence, human capital, and our top-down approach

What is Baffin?

Baffin Advisors is an independent, SEC registered investment advisor based in New York. The firm is based on three pillars: independence, superior human capital, and a top-down global macro approach.

Investment Management

We provide comprehensive customized investment management services to individuals, families and institutions. Our principals design, implement and manage portfolios based on a profound understanding of each client’s situation. read more

Human Capital

Our firm brings human capital, experience and techniques that are usually only available to institutional investors. We constantly aim at providing a bridge between academia, policy circles and financial markets. read more


Our independence is guaranteed by our compensation structure, fees only from clients. No conflicts of interest. Our SEC registration is consistent with this. read more

How we work?

Our clients are our first and only priority.
We have a bespoke personalized approach. We consider our clients’ whole financial situation, and approach portfolio design in an analytical and disciplined way.
We seek excess returns through a dynamic asset allocation process that emphasizes diversification across asset classes, risk factors, market sectors and regions. The portfolio’s internal logic, and its consistency with our view of the world is constantly assessed. read more


By combining theory and market experience we design well-structured efficient portfolios with exposure to risk consistent with the client’s preferences.
We have extensive expertise in investment execution, and a deep knowledge of the instruments we trade. We invest in assets that are cost-effective and tax efficient. read more

Why Baffin?

Our value proposition is to offer our clients a trusted independent advisor with an unparalleled human capital to design and manage their portfolios.

Best risk reward for each client

We provide independent unbiased advice to our clients. The firm’s revenues are purely and only our client’s compensation, which is how we are registered with the SEC. Our only incentive is to efficiently achieve the best risk-reward combination for each client. read more


Two distinguishing factors are technology and execution. We invest in technology in order to have the most robust asset management systems available. Our investment in technology is clearly above average. read more


Baffin’s precise and careful execution is paramount in determining the effectiveness of any investment plan. read more

Baffin Advisors