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Archive: July, 2011

AAA – A = AA

Reality bites. Europe recently admitted a eurozone member could restructure debt. The US government would soon be downgraded. These are realities that took time to sink in. Markets are taking these gradually, though some asset classes react more than others. The key issue here is that so much policy uncertainty in G7 for so long read more

Martin Anidjar | July 27, 2011

Euro fiscal union or euro break-up

European leaders meet tomorrow, and I am not the only one that believes it is maybe the most important meeting yet. When the crisis was at the periphery, it was easy to postpone, buy time, not a humongous issue, it was just a fiscal problem of small countries. Now that Italy is at risk, the read more

Martin Anidjar | July 20, 2011

Well known risks, all at once

The selloff this week is due to the quick and simultaneous effects of concerns on the 3 main risks on the global economy. For some time now we had identified 3 key risks, and after a quick recovery from May-June’s volatility, those 3 risks came to center stage at once: 1-    Euro crisis, due to read more

Martin Anidjar | July 12, 2011

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